Kriss Vector 22 LR – Well Worth the Giggle

The Kriss Vector is a science fiction creation made into real life. Not only does it look cool, but it performs well and now its in 22 LR.

The REIN of Cloud Defensive

The Cloud Defensive REIN is a new weapon light from the same folks who brought you the OWL. Named for a stripper (?), it boasts many outstanding...features.

FIME Group RPK LMG – My Abusive Ex

The RPK is the infnatry automatic rifle of the Soviet Bloc. This light machine gun and I shouldn't be this friendly, but the gun has some real appeal.

Magpul D50: new 9mm Drum Magazines

Like to beat the drum? You'll be happy to hear that we are getting two new Magpul D50 drum magazines in 9mm: Glock and CZ owners are getting some love!

The Springfield Edge PDW – Compact Power

It’s hard to get excited about the AR realm, it’s all basically been done before. However, at Range Day for SHOT 2020, the Springfield Edge PDW really caught my eye. An AR in a PDW format has been done before without a doubt and they’ve been done well. What the Edge PDW does a little […]

Meopta USA debuts new Optika5 line of riflescopes

The Meopta Optika5 is the newest line of riflescopes from Meopta Sports Optics. There will be 6 different styles, all Second Focal Plane reticles.

Aimpoint adds new CompM5b to their line of red dots

Aimpoint recently announced the worldwide sale of the new CompM5b. The “Five Bravo” is the newest optic in the Aimpoint CompM5 lineup. It’s “golden feature” (so to speak) is ballistic compensation with interchangeable turrets. This allows users to quickly adjust the “dot” based on wind or distance. Says Aimpoint, “The CompM5b comes with interchangeable turrets […]

Amend2 showcases new compact frame for P320 pistols

The new P320 frame from Amend2 is a mixture of SIG P320 and SIG P365, potentially making it an excellent option for concealed carry use.

Franklin Armory releases new binary trigger for 10/22 platforms

The BFSIII 22 C1 Binary Trigger is a binary trigger for the Ruger 10/22 from Franklin Armory. Lookin' to shoot a binary trigger more cheaply? Take a look.

SHOT Show 2020: bigger than ever (New Guns and Gear)

SHOT Show 2020 is expanding beyond the Sands to the MGM Grand Conference Center and Caesars Forum. It will be the biggest show yet, but it's not done growing.

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