Navy SEAL Jason Pike: Eye Dominance Correction

Eye dominance is a big deal for a lot of shooters. How do you determine eye dominance? Is there a corrective training method?

Who Cares About Pistol Grip Angle?

The grip angle of a handgun can make a big difference in your ability to shoot well. Is a steeper or shallower grip right for you? Here's how to find out.

The Pressure for a Good Grip: grip tips to shoot with speed and precision.

With a proper grip you will stop excess movement before, during and after the trigger press and you will minimize the movement of the gun in recoil.

Get Better at Locking Back the Slide

Shooting is the fun part of practice. There are skills that require more hard work, and they're important for those of us who carry concealed handguns.

How to lock back your handgun: Semi Auto 101

You can't safely operate a semi auto if you can't manipulate the gun. And locking the slide back is where more new shooters struggle. Here are some practical tips.

How to Connect: Front Sight Wobble Is Your Friend

When your shot placement spreads out a bit, pay attention to your trigger pull.

Handgun Grip: 8 tips for a better grip!

One thing many new shooters struggle with is their grip. Controlling your gun isn't half as easy as Hollywood makes it look. Here are some solid tips you can use for a better grip.

Slide Release vs. Racking: Pros and Cons

Semi-automatics, especially the tiny ones, have compact controls. The slide release lever on many guns can frustrate shooters. But there are numerous ways to drop the slide. Is one way better than the others?

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