The Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey — Better than the 940 Tactical?

The new Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey might be the best defensive semi-auto shotgun ever produced by Mossberg, and it's a turkey gun...

The Enhanced 1301 Tactical Shotgun From Beretta

The Enhanced 1301 Tactical is an updated semi-automatic shotgun from Beretta. It's supposed to cycle 36% faster than its competitors.

Blackwater Sentry 12 Magazine Fed Shotgun

The Blackhawk Sentry 12 has arrived and it's a pump action, fast firing, smooth working, 12 gauge, magazine fed shotgun. Is the Sentry 12 a powerhouse?

SGM Tactical Saber Boss – 500 Rounds Later

The 12 gauge shotgun is an adaptable, multi-role weapon. Upgrades like the SGM Tactical shotgun muzzle break can substantially improve performance.

The Top 5 Magazine Fed Shotguns

Mag fed shotguns have been around for decades, but they were hard to find. Not anymore. Now you can upgrade your pump-action shotgun, find a suitably AR style shotgun, or take a hint from Owen Zastava Pitt and run an AK style semi-automatic shotgun.

AA12: the Saga of Atchisson’s Auto Assault 12

The AA12 auto assault shotgun was designed by former Marine Corps machine-gunner Maxwell G. Atchisson — it initially used a modified Browning BAR mag!

Sledgehammer woes: AA12 ATF Confiscation

The ATF is reportedly confiscating AA12 "sledgehammer" shotguns (the semi-auto version) and possibly some fully-auto weapons as well. They've provided letters explaining why, though (not surprisingly) it's a bit hard to understand how a semi-auto gun can be a machinegun.

The VRBP 100 – The Bullpup, Mag Fed, Monster (Review)

Rock Island has a new bullpup shotgun, and we've had it on the range. Meet the VRBP 100.

The VR 80 – RIA’s New Stinger AR Shotgun (Review)

The true AR pattern shotgun is still elusive, but Rock Island Armory makes a solid 12 gauge stand-in. Check out the VR-80.

The Citadel RSS1 – A Shoulder Pounding Good Time

Everybody needs at least one AK pattern shotgun. And now there's a new option from Citadel. It will eat anything you feed it, and it won't break the bank.

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