Here’s What’s Coming: Proposed Federal Gun Legislation

Though it's predictable, the current flurry of anti-gun legislation in Congress may have your head spinning. Here's a look at most of it.

A European Second Amendment? Not Bloody Likely

While it is true that strong gun cultures exist in Europe, particularly in Switzerland, Finland, and the Czech Republic, there's an elephant in the room. And it's a big one.

The Ukraine Second Amendment: Hypocrisy and Contradictions in the US

Much to the chagrin of gun control advocates, the so-called Ukraine Second Amendment is proving what gun owners have known all along - and providing ridiculous displays of contradiction and hypocrisy from even the loudest gun control activists.

WTF Washington? Do your part! Fight SB 5078

Listen up ya'll. Want To Free Washington? Or keep it free anyway? Then help us fight State Bill 5078 - we'll give ya $$$ to do it.

JP Sears: Why I was Wrong about Guns

He's a popular comedian, know for his honest talk about all kinds of issues. Now he's changed his mind about guns. Here are the reasons why.

Ten’s the Limit? An Attempted Washington Magazine Ban

Ironic that the state bearing the very name of our first president (and his face on their flag) would seek to deny a fundamental American freedom. But they are, and they’re pushing an attempted Washington magazine ban hard.  Washington State Bill SB5078 passed the Senate in Olympia yesterday, on the road to a law prohibiting the sale […]

The Virginia Election: A Little History on How Gun Owners Fought Back

Last week’s election in Virginia was a seismic event, but why were those results so significant for gun owners? You'll want to read this.

NYSRPA v Corlett | the Supreme Court Looks at the Second Amendment

SCOTUS will be hearing a case called NYSRPA v Corlett. This will have a big impact on Second Amendment interpretation and gun laws.

Berserkergang It’s Not: Ancient Warriors, Modern Viking

What happens when ya hang contemporary war gear on ancient warriors and replace a Gadsden rattlesnake with a dragon? You get a modern viking.

Why you should care about gun laws in Commiefornia

It's easy to mock Commifornia and scorn The Golden State's anti-gun legislation. But that's myopic. You should absolutely care about California gun laws.

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