Ruger Announces the New LCP MAX — LCP II’s Bigger Brother

Ruger just released the next iteration in the LCP family, the LCP MAX. How is it different? What advantages does it offer? Find out here.

Ruger American Rifle — AR Mag-Fed Bolt Action in .223

Ruger's AR Magazine fed bolt action rifle is a compelling platform. This American Rifle may be the best one yet.

Ruger MAX-9 Pistol: Optics Ready Concealed Carry

Ruger's new MAX-9 steps right up to current market demand for higher-capacity, compact, optics-ready handguns for concealed carry. Here are the details, updates, and news of accessory options.

Ruger BX-25 Mags — All the Goods

Ready to up your 10/22 game? These Ruger BX-25 extended mags double your training and plinking fun. Keep 'em clean with dust covers, too.

Top Five PCCs/PDWs that Take Glock Mags

Looking for a PCC or PDW that runs on mags you already own? Check out our top 5 choices for GLOCK mag fed PCCs and PDWs.

Review: Ruger Precision Rimfire – The Most Fun $400 You Will Spend

Ruger knows their way around rimfire. Most of their .22s are built for serious plinking. So what about those of us who want a bit more from a rifle? Ruger has you covered. Meet the Ruger Precision Rimfire.

Top 5 Budget Pistol Caliber Carbines of 2019

The pistol caliber carbine is becoming increasingly common. What makes the stand apart?

GunMag Gun News 5×5 Friday — August 2020

Gun News! There are 5 million first-time gun owners in the US so far in 2020! Giessele donates PPE to SHOT Show 2021, Glock adds to Slimline family. Nighthawk Custom/Korth have another new revolver with Pic rails (and more). Beretta fancies up the 680 platform, LSI announces a new POINTER model, and Luth-AR announces a new wide-bodied handguard. Check it out!

The BFSIII 22-C1 – Binary Life with the Ruger 10/22

The BFSIII 22-C1 is the latest from Franklin Armory and is one of many in a long line of awesome binary triggers. Like every other binary trigger, it changes the way the gun functions but does not change its overall reliability. The BFSIII 22-C1 is one helluva way to make a 10/22 an even more fun gun.

Ruger Precision Rifle – Makes Thousand Yard Shots Easy and Gobbles Up Any Magazine

Want to get into long-range shooting? Shoot to 1,000 yards or even a mile? You may want to give the Ruger Precision Rifle some consideration.

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