Ultimate bugout showdown: Ruger PC 9 vs Kel Tec Sub 2000

The Kel Tec Sub 2000 and Ruger PC 9 are two of the most popular pistol-caliber-carbines. Let’s put the two guns to the test for a bugout gun showdown.

UPRISER: a Ruger PC Carbine chassis “upgrade” from Tandemkross

Tandemkross just released a rifle chassis "upgrade" for the Ruger PC Carbine. They call it the Upriser, and its features will likely appeal to many PC Carbine lovers.

Ruger PC Carbine: fixing it for Glock mags

The Ruger PC Carbine isn't a new weapon, but it is a popular one. We had a minor issue getting it to take Glock magazines - read up on the simple solution.

The Ruger PC Charger – PC Carbine Redefined

The Ruger PC Charger is the latest from Ruger; it's a pistol variant of their famed PC Carbine. The PC Charger is an awesome package. Here's why.

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