The Remington Speedmaster 241 – Old School Cool

Everyone needs a good .22LR. One of the best is a licensed John Browning design in the form of the Remington Speedmaster 241.

Remington Golden Saber 10mm Defensive Ammunition

The Remington Golden Saber line of ammunition is recognized as a solid performer and the line has expanded to include a 10mm load.

The Remington Revolving Rifle: Cool but Behind the Times

By the time the Remington revolving rifle was upgraded to a rimfire cartridge, Winchester was on the verge of releasing the Model 1873. But it was actually not a bad idea. Take a closer look with Ian McCollum.

Remington Ammunition Introduces New Turkey Loads

These new turkey loads are just in time for the hunting season: expanded Premier Magnum Turkey High Velocity lines and TSS in 20 gauge and .410 Bore.

Why Your First Shotgun Should be a Mossberg or Remington

So you're shopping for your first shotgun? Well, it should be a Mossberg or Remington and we'll tell you why here.

The Five Worst Guns I’ve Ever Owned 

The world is full of excellent firearms, but it's also full of bad ones. Here are the 5 worst guns I've ever used. I wouldn’t trust these for more than a paperweight.

Remington 700CP: It Identifies As A Pistol

The Remington 700CP uses Magpul AI magazines. There will be three calibers: .308, .223, and .300blk. Adding a Stabilizing Brace expands scope options.

Remington’s New Polymer Pistols

<p>Remington decided to compete in the full size handgun market with a pair of polymer pistols called the RP9 and RP45.</p>

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