The Seven Best Budget Red Dots — Save Some Dough

What happens when you need an optic but you also need to save some cash? Here are the seven best budget red dots on the market.

The AEMS — Holosun’s Mini Monster

The Holosun AEMS is the latest red dot from Holosun. It's small but packs a good FOV. But is it worth your hard-earned dineros?

Open Vs. Enclosed Red Dot Optics — What’s the Deal?

Red dot optics come in a few flavors, including open and enclosed optics. Here are the pros and cons of each. Which do you use?

Holosun AEMS: Enclosed Emitter Contender

The Holosun AEMS (Advanced Enclosed Micro Sight) is a 3.9 oz optic with a reported 200% increase in glass area and 11% reduction in length.

Review: Holosun 509T Red Dot Open Reflex Sight

Holosun offers reasonably priced sights that perform well. What sets the Holosun 509T apart from the older 508T? SuperSetCA takes a look.

The TRS 25 — A Budget-Friendly Bushnell-Made Red Dot

The Bushnell TRS 25 comes at gun owners as a low-priced budget-friendly red dot for all shooters. Is it worth the scratch?

The Five Best Pistol Red Dots by Use

Pistol red dots rule. They expand your capabilities, allow you to shoot faster, further, and with greater accuracy. We have five of the best!

Zeroing a Red Dot Magnifier with Sage Dynamics

How do you get a little more range out of your favorite RDS? You use a red dot magnifier. Here are some tips for getting it zeroed.

The Shotgun Red Dot — Why Your Scattergun Needs One

You need a shotgun red dot. Well, if you own a shotgun you do. Red dot sights do wonders on shotguns and Imma tell you why.

Swampfox Justice: Good Optic for Duty Guns?

Is the Swampfox Justice pistol red dot rugged enough for a duty pistol? Can it take beatings over the course of repeated shifts?

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