Taurus G3c — A Legit Choice for an Affordably Priced Pistol

If you think a handgun is a handgun, you’re technically correct…but wrong for all other intents and purposes. The reality is that all guns should be purpose-specific. Handguns are used for everything from hunting to home defense to duty weapons and everything in-between, so take the time to choose carefully. Some, like the Taurus G3c, […]

The Taurus G2S | Ramen Noodle budget gun

Part 2 of the "Ramen Noodle Guns" series has us giving the G2S a look. This Taurus-built handgun is ultra cheap, but is it worth it?

FMK AR1 eXtreme Polymer Lower – Ramen Noodle Lower

The FMK AR1 eXtreme Polymer Lower is the latest in AR technology... maybe. It's also a cheap lower that costs next to nothing, but is it worth it?

The Holosun 507C V2 – Literal Chinese made Ramen Noodle Optic

Holosun may have started small, but somehow the company exploded into the market and ended up producing the Holosun 507C: a mini red dot that challenges the Trijicon RMR. Read Pike's review.

The Taurus G3C – 2020’s New Ramen Noodle Gun

The new Taurus G3C is our latest in the Ramen Noodle Gun series. It's both the compact version of the G3 and an update to the G2C. Designed to fit into a concealed carry role, it packs 12 rounds of 9mm in a relatively small size and is available at an affordable price point. The whole point of Ramen Noodle guns is getting the most gun for your dollar, so let's talk numbers.

The SIG P365 Air Gun – Ramen Noodle Training?

These past few months, the ole COVID 19 has restricted many of us in our homes with little to nothing to do. With that in mind, we have all been looking to find means to maintain our training standards as well as entertain ourselves. SIG may have offered us a little bit of both with […]

Ramen Noodle Guns — How Much is Your Life Worth?

Ramen Noodle Guns are the guns often overlooked when people go gun shopping. They are often derided due to their price but do they work?

VRPA40 – Armscor Mag Fed Pump Action

The Armscor VRPA40 is an excellent mag-fed pump-action shotgun. It enhances the respected and well-made VR series magazine by giving you 5 to 19 rounds on tap.

The Hi-Point C9 – YEET Cannon Ramen Noodle Gun

Never bring a stabby stick to a YEET Cannon boogaloo! It broke the internet a couple weeks back: now check out our review of the limited edition C9 YEET Cannon for test and review.

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