Griffin Armament’s New Suppressor-Ready M LOK Rail

Griffin Armament's new SR-Rigid AR-15 M LOK rail integrates the suppressor into the rail. And, it's octagonal, for more MLOK versatility.

Griffin Armament: Low-Pro RIGID rails (Gen 2)

These new Griffin Armament rails are engineered to be user-friendly, low-profile, modular, and durable. Check out the new LowPro Rigid rails.

Matador Arms Rail: SKS Unleashed!

SKS Blues The SKS is an underrated rifle. Between its limited magazine capacity and short military service life, it doesn’t get much respect.     Years ago, this wasn’t the case. Swaths of ultra-affordable SKS carbines once flooded the surplus market. Shooters who wouldn’t consider a Russian firearm otherwise found themselves with a quality medium game […]

Upgrade Your Sig MCX With Midwest Industries MLOK Handuards

<p>Got a Sig Sauer MCX? Are you tired of keymod? Upgrade it with Midwest Industries' MLOK handguard.</p>

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