Build a better brainbucket: Bump Helmet Optimization

Tactical Bump Helmets that are designed specifically for low threat and training missions for the special operations community. Those technological updates are now available to everyone in the LE and civilian sectors. Here's how to optimize your bump helmet, whether its a budget or high-end model.

Winter is coming— 9 Ways to Prepare for the Upcoming Gun Owner Winter

For the American shooter, Winter is coming. Now everyone is trying to stock up. Here's what every gun owner needs to know.

The Top Ten Gifts for The Prepared Citizen

Need a gift for the prepper, prepared citizen, or EDC fan in your life? These EDC gear gift suggestions are quality items from respected companies in the industry.

4 Lessons I learned from Hurricane Matthew

<p>While my local town was spared the brunt of the massive hurricane that hit the US last week, I still learned four important lessons from being in its wake.</p>

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