The MagPod: Myths, Magazines, and Reviews

Looking for a way to add stability to your AR-15? Check out the MagPod. It's a great way to turn your rifle mag into a monopod.

Dyeing your Sand PMAG from Magpul with Rit Dye colors: the ultimate guide

<p>Dyeing PMAGs with Rit Dye is an easy way to customize your magazines. Be careful, the colors do not always turn out as you would hope or expect.</p>

How To Use a Laser Engraver to Customize PMAGs

Customization of guns is a growing industry. New CNC machines and laser technologies are allowing for crisp precision and unlimited personal expression. Check out what a laser engraver can do to a PMAG.

Magpul Dedicated .300blk PMAG Now Available

The shape of 300blk cartridges makes it so they don't stack evenly which creates added pressure and limits capacity. Magpul's gonna fix that.

Emerson Gear PMAC — a PMAG Phone Charger

Emerson Gear makes a PMAG styled power bank to power up your phones. Here's how I modified mine to make a functioning PMAG phone charger.

New Magpul Glock Magwell

<p>Magpul announced they are making a flared magwell for Glock handguns.</p>

Sand PMAGs: The Bacon Edition

<p>Someone dyed a Sand PMAG to resemble Bacon.</p>

Mag Pump AR 15 Mag Loader

The Mag-Pump AR 15 Mag Loader makes loading faster because it doesn't care which direction bullets are loaded. For .223, 5.56 and .300 Blk ammunition.

My Magpul BAD Lever — the How and Why

The BAD Lever is the part of my rifle that gets the most cheers and jeers for sure. The Battery Assist Device attaches to the bolt catch paddle on the left side of the rifle and extends down the receiver and then through the trigger guard to the right side of the rifle. It's a bit ugly and it has lots of people worried when they see it on my gun.

Why Color Coded Rifle Mags Make Sense

<p>There are some pretty good reasons to have some magazines that are easily distinguishable from others.  Let’s take a look at why color coded magazines can make sense.</p>

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