How to Tame Recoil and Increase Precision

If you want to increase speed and precision, you should start with recoil management. It isn't easy, but Joe Weyer has some tips.

Massad Ayoob | Thoughts on 1911 Magazines

My first 1911 magazine came, not surprisingly, with my first 1911 pistol. It was a military surplus Colt, serial number 196246, produced in the year 1918.  The checkering was almost gone from its original walnut “diamond” style right grip panel, and the magazine in it was half blue and half white.  Didn’t have the lanyard loop on the floorplate that some did, but that would have been redundant to the lanyard loop on the pistol itself.  The year was 1960.  I was twelve years old.

Full-Sized 9mm at a Compact Price: Ruger’s Security 9 SHOT Show 2018

<p>The Ruger Security 9 is a new gun for 2018 geared toward those who want a hull-sized 9mm, but don’t want to pay a full-sized price. This is a polymer-framed workhorse with clean lines and very few extras, but it won’t sacrifice performance.</p>

Why the Internet is Wrong about the Glock 19X | Video

<p>The GLOCK 19X is the latest take on the venerable 9mm from the company that has, for decades, practically owned the caliber. The GLOCK 19 and the GLOCK 17 set the bar for everything else. And now the two are crossed together in the 19 Crossover.</p>

SIG Perfects Everyday Carry: P365 First Shots Video

<p>You can add one more pistol to the growing list of micro-compact single-stacks. Well, almost single stacks. The SIG 365 has the width of a single stack, but the magazine design allows for a 10+1 EDC pistol that has a distinct edge on the competition. That’s 10+1, even in the flush-fit mag.</p>

The Honor Guard: A Single Stack that Really Stacks Up.

<p>The Honor Guard may look like most of the other 9mm single-stack concealed carry pistols on the market today, but it isn’t. This American made pistol has more options out-of-the-box than most GLOCK fanboys can cram on a 43. And it isn’t going to break the bank.</p>

Review: Smith & Wesson’s New M&P9 M2.0 Compact

<p>Smith & Wesson has a new gun: the M&P9 M2.0 Compact. It's different from prior Compact M&P pistols, and it is something that you might find very interesting.</p>

The New Gen 5 Glock is Here

The Gen 5 Glock is here. At first glance, it looks like a regular Gen 4 but it's closer to a Gen 2 with Gen 4 features. Read more.

Why You Need a Get Home Gun

<p>Many of us have rifles that are purpose built for self defense. Most of those guns, though, are locked in safes, safe at home. So what is your strategy when you are miles away? Would you have to rely on your concealed carry gun to get you home if somethign were to go terribly wrong?</p>

Smith & Wesson SD9 — Not Cheap, Just Inexpensive

<p>The Smith & Wesson SD9 is inexpensive, but that doesn't mean it is cheap. In fact, it makes for a pretty good personal protection tool.</p>

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