Sight Tool Selection: 7 Options for Your DIY Gun Mod

Gone are the days that swapping out your sights. required professional gunsmithing. Here is our list of the top five sight tools.

Top Sights for Your Glock

Want to upgrade your Glock sights? Here are a few of our favorite sights and how they can enhance your Glock gun game.

Shoot gooder: 3 ways to aim a pistol

Aiming a handgun has a lot with where you put your focus. Learn how to aim a pistol using the three methods that Shaw demonstrates in this video.

Night sights: need ’em or not?

Thinking about putting Tritium sights on your gun? We talk to some SMEs about some pros and cons (and history) of night sights.

How to Connect: Front Sight Wobble Is Your Friend

When your shot placement spreads out a bit, pay attention to your trigger pull.

Williams Fire Sights: Futuristic Williams Gun Sight from the Past

Sooner or later, you may want to replace the sights on your handgun. The after-market options are numerous, and varied. Today we're testing out the Fire Sights from Williams.

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