Toy Guns and Kids: A Good Idea, or No?

Kids play with toys, but should they be allowed to play with toy guns? As parents and responsible gun owners, we have a few thoughts on that.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Urges Media to Shame Gun Manufacturers

NYC Mayor Eric Adams says gun manufacturers are personally responsible for "gun violence." And he wants the media to spread the word.

Unserious People: Carolyn Maloney and New Anti-Gun Bills

New York Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney cranks up the Congressional Circus with two ridiculous new bills aimed at gun manufacturers.

Smith & Wesson’s Mark Smith Hits Back at Politicians

Will Smith & Wesson President and CEO Mark Smith's epic response to gun grabbing politicians inject some spine into the gun industry?

My Friend Pedro — A Gun Guy Goes Gaming

My Friend Pedro might not be a big expensive A-list game, but it's a total blast. It's action-packed and budget-friendly. Check it out!

The Gun Controllers’ Eli Dicken Problem

Eli Dicken singlehandedly stopped an active shooter at an Indiana mall. So why are gun control groups not celebrating what he did?

Clown Show: House Judicial Committee Passes “Assault Weapons” Ban

The House Judiciary Committee hearings on the "assault weapons" ban were a true political circus. And the clowns were front and center.

Is the NFA Unconstitutional?

A new motion in CRS Firearms' Matt Hoover's defense challenges the NFA's Constitutionality. Can Hoover prevail over the ATF and the NFA?

Schools: Are They Soft Targets? What Can be Done?

Schools are gun-free zones, making them soft targets. What does that mean, and is there a solution to the issue of killers targeting schools?

Guns of the Villains — Movie Edition

A good villain makes a movie stand out, and smart filmmakers employ a villain gun that does the same. Here are some of our favorites.

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