Build a better brainbucket: Bump Helmet Optimization

Tactical Bump Helmets that are designed specifically for low threat and training missions for the special operations community. Those technological updates are now available to everyone in the LE and civilian sectors. Here's how to optimize your bump helmet, whether its a budget or high-end model.

Virtual SHOT 2021: The World of Thermals and Night Vision

Thermal and night vision have a place in your guns and gear collection. Here's a look at the options that are coming soon.

Night and Day: Hog Hunting Gear and Tactics for All Hours

Hog hunting in daylight is not only an option, it’s something you should do. You want as many hunting hours as possible, right? Here’s what you need to know.

Powered Targets for your Thermal Scope

Do you have a thermal scope? Get yourself a thermal target. Or several. Coyote, boar/feral pig, and good old fashioned sihouette targets are all available.

Ruger Precision Rifle – Makes Thousand Yard Shots Easy and Gobbles Up Any Magazine

Want to get into long-range shooting? Shoot to 1,000 yards or even a mile? You may want to give the Ruger Precision Rifle some consideration.

Beginner’s Guide To Night Vision Part 1

<p>Ever wanted to see in the dark but not let others see you? Get Night Vision!</p>

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