The Witness Protection Shotgun – A Novel Concept

The Witness Protection shotgun has been an object of lust for many a shotgun enthusiast. But is the witpro scattergat more than a range toy?

How to Make the Mag Fed Shotgun Even Better

What if you could get a pistol grip on a super short 12 gauge, without it having to be registered as a short barreled shotgun? Now you can.

The Mossberg Shockwave 590M – Mag Fed Madness

More mag-fed madness. This time, it is a deep dive into the Mossberg Shockwave. What can you do with a scattergun with increased capacity and a funky grip?

Box Mag Fed Shockwave from Black Aces Tactical

<p>Black Aces Tactical announced a new smoothbore gun that feeds from box magazines.</p>

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