The Top 5 Magazine Fed Shotguns

Mag fed shotguns have been around for decades, but they were hard to find. Not anymore. Now you can upgrade your pump-action shotgun, find a suitably AR style shotgun, or take a hint from Owen Zastava Pitt and run an AK style semi-automatic shotgun.

Mossberg’s Mag-Fed 590M is Reinventing the Pump Shotgun

Looking for unfailing reliability and increased capacity? Check out the Mossberg 590M.

How to Make the Mag Fed Shotgun Even Better

What if you could get a pistol grip on a super short 12 gauge, without it having to be registered as a short barreled shotgun? Now you can.

The Tac 14 Vs. Shockwave – Battle of the Mini Shotguns

Technically these guns aren’t shotguns, so maybe my title is misleading. They fit most of the technical terms for shotguns, but legally since they’ve never had a stock, they aren’t shotguns. These ‘firearms’ captured American shooters with their NFA defying nature in 2017. I own both and love really love the concept, but which gun […]

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