Maxim Defense MD9: 9mm Portability

The Maxim Defense MD9 was made to fit the growing demand for cutting-edge AR9 style pistols. And, it takes Glock mags!

Maxim Defense DRF .22 Suppressor and Frangible Ammo

Maxim Defense continues to roll out new products. Among them, a .22lr suppressor and frangible ammo in 9mm and 5.56x45mm. Check 'em out!

Maxim Defense DSX-D: Duty Suppressor System: for Optimized Direct Thread Performance

The Maxim Defense DSX-D suppressor provides superior direct thread suppression to weapons chambered in 5.56, 7.62, and 6.5 Creedmoor.

Maxim Defense: MD-15 and MD-1505 Low Profile and Patrol Rifles

Maxim Defense is going standard! And not in a bad way. Let's check out the two new ARs from our short-barreled buddies.

Maxim Defense MD11

Maxim Defense is switching gears from close-range engagement platforms to a much longer range platform, with the Maxim Defense MD11.

MD-1505: Maxim Defense PDX In (Kinda) AR Style

Maxim Defense launched the MD-1505 to make a more affordable AR15 style PDX available. They say it's "PDX ingenuity in an AR-15 package".

Maxim Defense PDX Now Available in Urban Grey

St. Cloud, MN-based Maxim Defense is proud to announce the availability of the Maxim Defense PDX in Urban Grey.

Maxim Defense releases new short barrel platforms and SBR ammunition

Maxim Defense has announced an expansion to its current lineup of firearms, including the PDX pistol, some SBRs, and ammo designed for shorter barrels.

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