Concealed Carry or Open Carry? Massad Ayoob Weighs In

Open carry versus concealed carry is one of the hottest debates in the self-defense community. Massad Ayoob weighs in with his thoughts.

Massad Ayoob — Five-Point Checklist for After A Self Defense Shooting

What happens in the critical moments after a self defense shooting? Massad Ayoob offers five points of action that could help you navigate the legal system.

Massad Ayoob: Don’t Leave the Scene After a Self Defense Shooting

How do we navigate the legalities of what to do if we are involved in a self defense shooting? Here's some advice from Massad Ayoob.

Old School Guns — Why Some Folks Still Carry Them

<p>The gear that worked in the past…still works</p>

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