Training with Mantis X10 Elite

Four Guys Guns runs the Mantis X10 Elite and shows you what it can do to make you a better shooter with every session.

My Top Five Mantis Blackbeard Drills

The Mantis Blackbeard completely changed the world of dry fire. If you want to get the best out of it, check out our Top Five Blackbeard drills.

Mantis Laser Academy – Get Your Dry Fire On

How does the Mantis Laser Academy improve your dry fire training? Read this to see what's included and how it works. And, what about results?

Mantis X10 Elite for Dry Fire Practice

The X10 Elite is the latest model from Mantis X. It's used for Dry Fire Practice for improving firearms fundamentals. Check it out.

Beyond Dry Fire: 10 Things to Beat the Quarantine Blues

Here are ten things you can do today (in addition to dry fire!) to beat the quarantine blues and improve your ability to defend yourself and your family during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What You Can Learn By Training at Home with Technology

Many gun owners never train. Ever. Others only put in serious effort when they are on the range. There are other options, and some of the latest technological gadgets make training safe and easy.

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