AICS PMAG: the PMAG 10 5.56 AC for Bolt Guns

The PMAG 10 AC 5.56 is an AICS compatible polymer magazine from Magpul designed to address feed difficulties encountered when using small cartridge case calibers in a typical AICS magazine.

New Magpul Arm Brace for HK94/MP5 Pattern Pistols

Magpul, a maker of quality Go-Bang parts, just released its third arm brace, this one for the HK94 / MP5 pattern pistols.

Magpul AK Furniture and Mags — Magpul Puked On My Rifle

Ever want a Magpul AK? Well, we all do, but Magpul isn't making AKs yet, but they are making plenty of furniture and gear for the platform.

177 – Duane Liptak | Magpul New Products and Growing 2A Support Online

Daniel interviews the Executive Vice President of Magpul, Duane Liptak to discuss Magpul’s latest product line ups for 2021, the Magpul brand, and building a positive culture for future gun owners.

SHOT Show 2021 – Best of a Not SHOT Show

Covid-19 casualties now include SHOT Show 2021, as I’m sure most of you know. As much as I would’ve loved to wander the halls of SHOT, gazing at the wonders the industry has to offer as a boomer with a cart took my ankle out once more, alas I could not.  There I was scrolling […]

Top Five AR Magazines for the Money

Thanks to huge amounts of cross compatibility, there are a ton of options when it comes to AR magazines. Here are my top five.

Magpul 2021: the Best of Not-SHOT?

Magpul has a stoopid number of new products for 2021 (stupid in a good way), and we’re not just talking about the FDP (Folding Defensive Pistol) and their new mags. There are several others, including some lifestyle pieces and some weapon furniture like the newest Magpul K2. The nature of the products (and the way they […]

FDC and FDP: Magpul’s Folding Gun

Over a decade ago we watched a demonstration of the Magpul FMG9, and wanted one - but it wasn't a production weapon. That has changed. This is the Zev PD9 from Zev Technolgies and Magpul Industries - it folds up to the size of a lunchbox and can be converted into the "PDC9" carbine version.

GunMag Gun News 5×5 Friday — October 2020

SHOT isn't going to happen in January. Is anyone surprised? New releases from Red Arrow Weapons, Sig Custom Works, J.P. Sauer & Sohn, Savage, and Bushnell.

All About the Magpul D-60 Drum Magazine — Bang It

Drums typically suck. Well, they don't anymore thanks to Magpul's D-60 drum magazine. What else gives you 60 rounds of 5.56 in one mag?

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