Red Arrow Weapons Presents the RAW10 | AR-10 in a .308 Win

Red Arrow Weapons presents the Midnight Bronze Cerakote finis RAW10, an AR-10 in a .308 Win. A great option for everyday enthusiast to long-distance hunters.

5 Reasons Why Magpul Scorpion Magazines Are Better

This whole review may or may not declare the superiority of Magpul Scorpion magazines, (CZ OEM magazines are not bad magazines by any means: reliable, robust, and widely available). Magpul just swept in and made some significant improvements to the design, and it is a superior option.

MAG556, MAG557 … Wherefore art thou MCT?

Both the MAG556 and MAG557 (2 versions of the Gen M3 PMAG 30) are available at GunMag Warehouse: in black and MCT (Medium Coyote Tan).

Taurus Announces New T4SA Rifle

<p>Taurus USA is now building a 100% American rifle.</p>

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