The 7 Best Ways to Use HSGI Tacos

The HSGI Taco mag pouches are extremely handy - some of the best mag pouches on the market. But they hold more than mags...

NeoMag: Easily Carry Your Spare Mags

I have been using the extended NeoMag for my Sig P365 extended 12-round magazine for a few years. Here are the pros and cons based on my experience.

Duty TACO: Moar Now Available

HSGI has released some new TACO mag pouches in their Duty TACO series: some doubles and triples, in a wide range of uniform colors and camo patterns.

HSGI Taco mag pouch: now for Gyrenes

The HSGI taco mag pouch will now be issued to Marines. MARCORSYSCOM has contracted High Speed Gear to supply them with 150,000 taco mag pouches.

Mag Pouch Run Down (Pistol Edition)

In search of a good pistol magazine pouch? Fom Tacos to Party Pouches, there many good ones to choose from. Here are 8 worth considering.

High Speed Gear intros 3 new “duty tacos”

High Speed Gear has introduced 3 new HSGI Taco options to their Duty Line of magazine pouches and loadbearing kit - including some smoke grenade pouches.

The Party Pouch By Warlord Applications

Looking for a good way to carry an extended mag? Try an IWB mag holder.

HSGI Polymer Tacos – new from High Speed Gear

Many Mag Life readers are familar with High Speed Gear's HSGI Taco. Now, however, there is something crunchier: the HSGI Polymer Taco.

Warfytr AR Mag Pouch

<p>Warfytr is a veteran founded and owned company bringing their experience into their product design. Their AR Mag pouch is unconventional but fast is fast.</p>

Blackhawk! QuickMod Case Mag Pouch

<p>Blackhawk! has a new magazine pouch design perfect for competition.</p>

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