Five Reasons to Upgrade to an Extended Charging Handle

A good extended charging handle can be worth its weight in gold. Here are some reasons why you should upgrade your AR charging handle.

The Five Best New Bolt Guns On the Market

Bolt guns are boring. Well, no not really. In fact, bolt guns can be plenty awesome! Here are five examples of innovative and awesome new bolt guns.

The Modern PDW — Five Options You Can Own Today

The Modern PDW isn't a P90 or Mp7, but a short, rifle-caliber pistol that packs a mean punch and is small enough to conceal.

5 Fabulous Full-Auto Shotguns and Why They Never Took Off

Full-auto shotguns sound promising when you factor in the pellets per burst ration, but why have they never moved to the mainstream?

Top 10 Self-Defense Myths, Busted

Bad advice runs rampant out there, especially regarding self defense. Here are ten common self-defense myths and why they’re flat wrong.

The 7 Best New Guns for NRAAM

The National Rifle Association Annual Meeting, also known as NRAAM, is officially over and we've got the scoop on the best guns at the show.

The 5 Best Budget-Friendly Blasters

It can be tough to find an affordable gun that's reliable, easy to handle, and durable. Here are our top 5 budget-friendly firearms.

10 Popular AR-15 Magazines: Drop/Full Auto Test

Let's take ten popular AR-15 magazines and see how they do with a drop test and full auto mag dump. What would you add to the test?

The 5 Most Bizarre AR 15s On the Market

The AR 15 market is massive, with hundreds of normal models out there. But there are a few bizarre AR 15s too, and today we celebrate them.

The Top 5 AR 15 Back Up Iron Sights 

If you have an AR 15 you should have an optic, and if you have an optic you should have a set of backup iron sights. Here are my top five.

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