The Evolution of the AR-15/M-16 Platform

The M-16 platform was first developed back in the 1950s. How has it changed since then? Here are the highlights of its evolution.

First Look at the New CRKT M-16 | Keen Insights

CRKT's M-16 is a standard. This, though, is a new version with some much more advanced design elements and three big upgrades.

AK-47 vs M16: Power

It’s a fight as old as time: is the AK47 or the M16 better? Paul Harrell takes on the AK-47 vs M16 question in the video below and tries to demonstrate which is more powerful. The main problem is that one is 5.56 and the other is 7.62 but he tries his best to get […]

Say hello to my little friend: M203 and Joya de Nicragua

"Say hello to my little friend!" Remember that line? With a cue from Tony Montana in the classic movie "Scarface," here is a cigar suggestion to pair with the M16 (or M4, as you prefer) with an M203 grenade launcher.

BCM’s 20in Government Profile Upper Review: Is Bigger Really Better?

While some long-range rifles embrace weight, most AR-15s are evolving downward. Lightweight rifles and braced pistols are the norm. Yet there's something to be said for a longer barrel, as this BCM upper demonstrates.

Magpul and the Marines: Defending America One Magazine at a Time

Big news for Magpul: The United States Marine Corps officially adopted the Magpul Gen M3 PMAG Window magazine for use in the M4/M16/M27/M249 platforms.

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