Badass Bullpup Shotgun Options: SRM 1216, ATI Bulldog and RIA VRBP 100

Sometimes a gun comes along that won't fit neatly into a single category. Several models of bullpup shotgun are examples thereof.

Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 Pistol: Great Fun and a Great Training Tool

ARs in .22 LR are nothing new, but many don’t have fully functional controls, so they don’t help much with mechanics and muscle memory. Not so the M&P 15-22 pistol.

The $1,200 AR 15 vs the $600 AR 15

In the AR 15 world, you can purchase a rifle at any price point. Here's our $1200 AR vs $600 AR comparison testing. Does the money matter?

M14 EBR: the Most Beautiful Battle Rifle in the World

Fewer shooters have used the M14 EBR as intended than have the EBR 14 in their games. Fewer still love the most beautiful rifle ever made.

Bullpup Scorpion Kit – Shrink Your PCC

The CZ Scorpion is a popular PCC, but did you know you can bullpup it? The new Bullpup Scorpion kit from Manticore Arms does just that.

Best 9mm Carbine? Sig MPX

<p>Is the Sig MPX the best 9mm carbine on the market? Maybe. Let's take a look.</p>

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