The Henry AR7 Survival Rifle: Hickock45

The Henry AR7: there's more to it than just the stock you see. In fact, it's an entire survival kit with a rifle aboard. Or vice versa.

Henry AR-7 — The Go Anywhere Survival Rifle

There's a lot to appreciate in the concept of a survival rifle like this one. So is the Henry AR-7 reliable? Is it accurate? Find out!

The AR 500 From Big Horn Armory — Half Inch Holes

Ever get the urge to produce half inch holes in a target? Well the Big Horn Armory AR 500 might be the ticket to your success.

HS Produkt VHS-2 Rifle: Best-Designed Bullpup in the World?

Ian McCollum is back with what may be the most well-thought-out bullpup design in the world. I know, Tavor and all that, but look at the HS Produkt VHS-2 rifle.

Garand Thumb — Frozen Rifle Test

For many, the snow is coming down and it begs the question, can our gear handle the worst of conditions? Here's what Garand Thumb found out with his frozen rifle test.

More Springfield Bullpup: a Hellion at the Range With Ian McCollum

Ian McCollum runs the new Springfield Hellion at a 2-Gun Action Challenge match.  How does the bullpup perform? Let's find out.

Savage Impulse — An American Made Straight-Pull

Looking for serious speed from a gun that can connect at 1,000 yards or more? Check out the Savage Impulse—an American made straight-pull.

The Savage Impulse — The Beyond Cool Bolt Gun

The Savage Impulse is a straight-pull bolt action rifle, one of the few in the United States. It's one sweet shooter!

The JP5 Roller Delayed PCC — If Stoner and Hans had a Baby

The JP5 from JP enterprises brings roller delayed technology to the AR PCC platform. It's a superb competition PCC and one helluva gun.

TFBTV: Sig Sauer MCX in 5.56

Sig MCX pistols and rifles have an almost cult-like status thanks to their versatility and reliable function. So why are they so popular?

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