Skallywag Tactical Hunter | Keen Insights

The Skallywag Tactical Hunter is an excellent "workaday" fixed blade option for hunting, tactical use, utility, defense, or whatever other use you can dream up.

Keen Insights: The Knife That Started Bushcraft—The Kephart

The Becker Kephart is a historical homage to the knife that has become an iconic staple in American bushcraft and a masterpiece ready for a long life in the wild.

Keen Insights: The Fox Folding Karambit

Looking for a capable self-defense knife to add to your EDC toolkit? Check out the Fox Folding Karambit. This is a fast knife.

ESEE Knives: 3 Inches is All You Need—Keen Insights

Looking for a solid knife that can do anything, go anywhere, and won't weigh you down when you carry it? Check out the ESEE 3 and ESEE 4.

Best Budget Knife Ever: Ontario RAT Model 1 — Keen Insights

Need a knife that's 100% reliable that costs almost nothing? Check out the Ontario Knife Company RAT Model 1. This is as good as it gets.

Benchmade Mini Adamas — Is It Right For LE? Is it Right for You?

How well does the Benchmade Mini Adamas folding knife stand up to the daily demands of law enforcement? Read Jason's take on it and see what you think.

Skallywag Tactical Aculeus A2—Keen Insights

Skallywag Tactical isn't a household name, but it is a name you should know. Check out our review of the Skallywag Tactical Aculeus A2--an all around workhorse of a utility blade.

Templar Knives — Texas-Made Out-The-Front Automatic

Looking for an out-the-front that's American made and makes a statement? Check out Templar Knives--this is a brand to watch.

Keen Insights: The Buck 110—Nothing Subtle About It

The Buck 110 Folding Hunter is a classic that is as useful today as it was six decades ago when Buck Knives bet the farm on the design. Brass, wood, and steel.

Keen Insight: Emerson CQC-6, Origins and Story

The Emerson CQC-6 is quite possibly the most sought-after model of any knife that Emerson makes. Let’s take a look at its history and features.

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