Kimber Roundup: RAPIDE, R7 Mako, and Micro 9

The Kimber RAPIDE (Dawn) and RAPIDE (Scorpius) Custom 1911s, R7 Mako, and Micro 9 Raptor Shadowgive gun owners more concealed carry options.

Range Day: Kimber Micro 9 Bel Air from the Special Edition Line Up

You can’t say this gun is even close to normal. The Kimber Micro 9 Bel Air is not just a good-looking gun, it is also a champ on the range.

Kimber Announces New 9mm 1911 RAPIDE Models

Kimber recently announced the release of two new models to their line of RAPIDE 1911 pistols, both chambered in 9mm.

Kimber R7 Mako: 19 Ounces, 6 Inches Long, 13 Round Mags

Kimber has been dropping hints about the new R7 Mako for weeks. Here's what we know about the newest polymer, striker-fired little 9mm.

Massad Ayoob | Thoughts on 1911 Magazines

My first 1911 magazine came, not surprisingly, with my first 1911 pistol. It was a military surplus Colt, serial number 196246, produced in the year 1918.  The checkering was almost gone from its original walnut “diamond” style right grip panel, and the magazine in it was half blue and half white.  Didn’t have the lanyard loop on the floorplate that some did, but that would have been redundant to the lanyard loop on the pistol itself.  The year was 1960.  I was twelve years old.

New Kimber Micro 9 Pistols

<p>At the 2017 SHOT Show, Kimber introduced a number of new pistols in the popular Micro 9 line.</p>

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