Mindset: The Most Important Part of Self-Defense with Ken Hackathorn

The most important part of self-defense might not be what you think. Ken Hackathorn details the importance of the self-defense mindset.

The State of the Firearm Industry — with Ken Hackathorn & Bill Wilson

Guns, parts, and ammo can be hard to come by now. What do Ken Hackathorn & Bill Wison think about the current state of the firearm industry?

The M1 Carbine: Reputation vs. Reality

Listen in as firearms experts Ian McCollum (aka Gun Jesus) and the redoubtable Ken Hackathorn go in-depth on the iconic M1 Carbine.

2-2-2 Skill Drill with Ken Hackathorn

Ken Hackathorn has been a US Army Special Forces Small Arms Instructor, in addition to training various SWAT Teams, the FBI’s HRT, state and local agencies, military Special Operations, and others that are nearly too numerous to mention. To put it bluntly, the man has checked off just about every box that we could conceive […]

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