The Beta C-Mag — A History of Mediocrity

The Beta C-Mag is a bit of a legend. Not a very good legend, but still a well-known item in the world of magazines, for better or worse.

KCI Magazines — Three Reasons Why They Deserve a Second Look

KCI Magazines come from Korea. While cheap, they perform better than you'd expect. Here are three reasons why they deserve a second look.

KCI’s BP-mag: a black, windowed polymer magazine option

Greetings from Korea! This new KCI polymer magazine is a 30 round AR15 magazine with terraced sides and a window to keep track of what's going on inside.

The 50 Round KCI AR Drum (Full Review)

Drum magazines used to be both expensive and unreliable. That's changing. KCI's new 50 Round AR Drum is worth a look.

KCI’s Glock Happy Stick – Cheap Fun

Tired of changing magazines in your Glock? Pick up a couple of extended KCIs and there's no end to the fun.

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