IWI Announces Its Newest Addition to the ACE Family | the ACE-N 52

The IW ACE-N 52 has a new ergonomic design and is compatible with standard NATO (AR-10) magazines, which includes 7.62X51mm ammunition.

The Jericho Pistol — Israel’s All-Steel CZ 75

The Israeli produced Jericho pistol is a duty pistol designed for security and police forces worldwide. She's big, she's bad, and damn sexy.

How to modify Tapco Intrafuse mags for the IWI ACE

<p>The IWI ACE is an awesome little carbine, with dozens of great features - but it does have a dark side... sort of. It doesn't like to run with magazines that are too wide - like the Tapco Intrafuse AK magazine. Thankfully, you can modifiy these magazines in just 10 minutes, to run in your Galil ACE 52.</p>

IWI X95: Magazine Compatibility

<p>With the recent release of the civilian version of the IWI X95 bullpup there will be questions of what magazine to use with this new weapon system. We take a look at some of the more popular choices and test how well they work in the X95.</p>

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