Beretta Introduces Several New Additions to Their Clothing Line

If you're an avid hunter or just looking for waterproof clothing, Beretta recently announced some new products you might want to check out.

M400 TREAD Predator

The M400 TREAD Predator is Sig's newest addition to the M400 TREAD family, an AR-15 platform with design features for hunting predators.

Primos Trigger Sticks: a Range Gear Review

A little shooting support can be handy. I tried out Primos Trigger Sticks and found them easy to use, fast to employ, and quiet when it matters. For stalking big game, sitting on a perimeter without good support, plinking, or zeroing your rifle, Primos Trigger Sticks should be placed in your kit. They are easy to use, fast to employ, and work in multiple ways. Check them out!

Hunting with the 7.62×39

Is 7.62x39 hunting ammo a good option for you when you take the field? It certainly suits an AR rifle better than the .30-30 Win cartridge.

Subsonic Strategies for a Quiet Predator Hunt

Most hunters approach varmint hunting from a distance. With a bit of practice, though, animals can be called in close. That's why I'm carrying two rifles, one for long range shots and one that fires subsonic rounds for closer work.

T/C Compass: Why I’m not buying one. Yet.

<p class="p1">Just imagine this simple plan: While on a family vacation in Florida we would book a father daughter evening hunt. It would be perfect. Warm weather, a beautiful sunset, and a tasty dinner of wild hog. Sounds perfect right?</p> <p class="p1">The only problem is I don’t have a hog rifle that is suitable for my 9 year old daughter. My .308 is too heavy and packs too much of a punch, plus that Remington 700 and it’s <a href="">Magpul AICS magazine</a> full of hog hate would be on backup incase her shot wasn’t immediately effective. So she would need a new rifle.</p>

New Howa 1500 Rifle Options

<p>Looking for a sub-MOA rifle suited for mountain and other hunting environments? Howa has a pair of new 1500 rifles that may interest you.</p>

Considerations on Hunting with the AR-15

<p>Thinking about taking your AR into the field to harvest a deer or hog? Here are a few things to think about.</p>

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