Five Ways to Improve Non-Sighted Fire.

Defensive shootings happen fast. Proper alignment of a handgun's sights is sometimes impractical. Practicing the basics of point shooting will build your skill set and make you faster.

The Honor Guard: A Single Stack that Really Stacks Up.

<p>The Honor Guard may look like most of the other 9mm single-stack concealed carry pistols on the market today, but it isn’t. This American made pistol has more options out-of-the-box than most GLOCK fanboys can cram on a 43. And it isn’t going to break the bank.</p>

5 Reasons To Carry a Single Stack

<p>Single-stack concealed carry pistols have been around for more than a century. Many Americans don't want to sacrifice capacity, or make arguments for larger calibers. But the latest 9mm polymer pistols are kicking ass and winning converts.</p>

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