M-1 Carbine vs. 1911 | Showdown On the Range

M-1 carbine vs 1911: what happens when the two weapons go head-to-head at the range? Let's find out with Ian McCollum of Forgotten Weapons.

Integrating Medical and Firearms Training

It doesn’t matter if you are a member of law enforcement gearing up for a high-risk search warrant or a traffic stop, or if you are just going about your business and carrying your favorite self-defense weapon for protection — it is always a good practice to have medical training and be prepared with medical […]

Gun Vocabulary — What is Spalling?

If you aren't sure what the word 'spalling' means, be sure to update your gun vocab with this explanation and video demonstration.

Elite Survival Systems Pistol Cases

Need a reasonably priced pistol case for yourself or a loved one? Elite Survival Systems has some economical options with lots of features.

How Electronic Hearing Protection Works

Is electronic hearing protection the same thing as active noise canceling? Do you risk hearing loss if you use it? Let's find out how it works.

SWAT Plate Carrier Setup | Iron Infidel

What does a SWAT plate carrier setup look like? Check out how Alex from Iron Infidel does his, from plates to accessories.

The Sentry Gunnar Belt — Up Your Batman Belt

A little company called Sentry has begun producing a new battle belt they are calling the Gunnar Low Profile Operator Belt. The Gunnar Belt has a minimalistic design that offers you above-average performance. I’ve recently gotten my hands on a Gunnar belt as well as a few pouches from Sentry to adorn it. Battle belts […]

Seatback MOLLE Panel: a RMP Kit from Grey Man Tactical

The seatback MOLLE panel is a vehicle RMP kit from Grey Man Tactical. It provides many options for organizing and storing vehicle gear.

Springfield Latest Hellcat Magazine Gives Us 15 Rounds

The latest Hellcat Magazine packs 15 rounds of 9mm in a very hard to load platform. However, its easy to empty when the time comes.

The 7 Best Ways to Use HSGI Tacos

The HSGI Taco mag pouches are extremely handy - some of the best mag pouches on the market. But they hold more than mags...

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