169 – Our Rifle Bias: Setting Up The Best Gun for Home Defense

We have a fact- and practicality based rifle bias.. The best firearm for most fights, and likewise the best gun for home defense, is usually a rifle.

164 – Preparation for and Avoidance of Asymmetric Violence

A shooting during a Austin protest, a negligent discharge in Louisville by an NFAC member, vehicles hitting protesters...you prepared to survive a protest?

161 – Home Defense | Create The Advantage

Home defense advantages: realistically, what are they? Pragmatically, what can you do to create them? Is there a "home field advantage"? Listen and learn.

Considerations for Home Defense

Many misunderstand the topic of home defense. Here are a few basic concepts as Varg Freeborn sees them; Layout, Area of Denial, Penetration, and SetUp.

Carry Spare Magazines for Home Defense

<p>We know that it makes sense to carry a spare magazine when it comes to armed self-defense, but home-defense can pose some challanges.  Especially when it is 3:00 am and you aren't wearing your tactical pajamas.  An over the shoulder bag can be a great solution to carrying a mag and your other gear.</p>

GC-069 Home Defense

John and Daniel discuss ensconcing in the home and give a few ideas for your plan. http://www.aresgear.com

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