Handgun Vs. Long Gun For Home Defense

For defending the home, which should you reach for — a pistol or a long gun? Let's examine the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Defending Your Castle — A Guide to Home Defense Guns

Of the possible home defense guns with which to defend your castle, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each type?

Mini Shells For Home Defense: Just Say No

Mini shells don't suck, but they shouldn't be trusted for home defense. Just say no to minishells for home defense!

Top 3 Home Defense Weapons

Each home requires careful consideration and planning when selecting a home defense weapon. This is Jason's opinion about the top three weapons to use.

Setting Up the Home Defense Shotgun

The home defense shotgun can be a powerful weapon for close quarters' use. So what can you do to get it properly set up? Read this.

The Case for the Lightweight Shotgun

Simple, light, fast, and easier to engage, a lightweight shotgun makes sense in CQB. The Mossberg 500 Retrograde and Mossberg 590A1 fit the bill.

Home defense magazines: reloading at home

Home defense magazines. Are they different than other mag choices? Are considerations for home invasion defense different than other- and elsewhere?

169 – Our Rifle Bias: Setting Up The Best Gun for Home Defense

We have a fact- and practicality based rifle bias.. The best firearm for most fights, and likewise the best gun for home defense, is usually a rifle.

Colorado Supreme Court Upholds 15 Round Capacity Magazine Limit

The Colorado Supreme Court Monday ruled to uphold a 2013 state law banning sales of magazines holding more than 15 rounds. Read more about the case.

How To Pick the Best Defensive Handgun

Learn to choose the best handgun to defend yourself in the most chaotic, close-distance, and violent of confrontations.

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