Home Defense Strategies — To Stay Put Or Clear It?

In the event of a home break-in, should you hunker down or go looking for the intruder(s)? Here are some pros and cons of both home defense strategies

161 – Home Defense | Create The Advantage

Home defense advantages: realistically, what are they? Pragmatically, what can you do to create them? Is there a "home field advantage"? Listen and learn.

Home Invasion: Tactical Decision Games for home defense

You run fire drills with the kids, talk through handling severe weather, but have you considered Tactical Decision Games for a home invasion or burglar? Does everyone know what to do if things go sideways, or if you're in proximity to urban unrest?

Considerations for Home Defense

Many misunderstand the topic of home defense. Here are a few basic concepts as Varg Freeborn sees them; Layout, Area of Denial, Penetration, and SetUp.

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