New Holosun WML: the P.ID

Holosun didn't disappoint this year at SHOT. Along with some new red dots, they also came out with this new weapon-mounted light, the P.ID.

Check Out the Holosun SCS and EPS

The Holosun SCS and EPS are the two latest pistol sized red dots to flow into greedy hands at range day. What's the deal? Well, let's dig in.

Holosun SCS: Solar Charging System

The Holosun SCS is an auto-adjusting, solar-charging pistol optic. It uses ambient light to power itself AND to maintain internal charge.

The AEMS — Holosun’s Mini Monster

The Holosun AEMS is the latest red dot from Holosun. It's small but packs a good FOV. But is it worth your hard-earned dineros?

Holosun AEMS: Enclosed Emitter Contender

The Holosun AEMS (Advanced Enclosed Micro Sight) is a 3.9 oz optic with a reported 200% increase in glass area and 11% reduction in length.

Looking for a Holosun Green Dot Optic? The 407 Series Now Has One

The Holosun 407 series just explanded to include a green reticle option. Is this Holosun green dot a more attractive option for EDC?

Acro vs. 509T – Battle of The Enclosed Emitters

With pistol-sized red dots there are only two names in town that have enclosed emitters. Here's the Aimpoint Acro vs. Holosun 509T showdown.

The Holosun 507K – The Best Mini Red Dot?

The Holosun 507K brings micro optics to the mainstream. This teenty tiny fella packs a lot of optic into a small package.

Five Reasons to Consider a Magnifier for a Red Dot Sight

The addition of a red dot magnifier may give you an advantage in short to medium range situations that. Here are the reasons why.

Holosun 507C – 6 Months and 1,500 Rounds Later

The Holosun 507C is a miniature red dot that's seen a lot of use in my 6 months of ownership. How is it holding up? Let's see.

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