DEFCON Creative’s Compact Red Dot Showdown

DEFCON Creative reviews the Springfield Armory HEX Wasp RDS, the Trijicon RMRcc, and the Holosun 507K X2. Which red dot sight wins?

The Holosun 509T at 10k rounds

How well does the Holosun 509T hold up after 10,000 rounds, a drop-test after every 500 rounds, & extreme temperature exposures? Lets find out!

Review: Holosun 509T Red Dot Open Reflex Sight

Holosun offers reasonably priced sights that perform well. What sets the Holosun 509T apart from the older 508T? SuperSetCA takes a look.

The Shotgun Red Dot — Why Your Scattergun Needs One

You need a shotgun red dot. Well, if you own a shotgun you do. Red dot sights do wonders on shotguns and Imma tell you why.

Holosun 510C — An Affordable Reflex Sight, but RTFM

The Holosun 510C: lots of features, works with magnifiers, affordable...just read the friggin’ manual and put the battery in the right way.

Holosun 507c | Big Bird Review

In the market for a new micro red dot for your pistol or looking to get into your first RDS pistol? Wondering about Holosun? Here is a review of the Holosun 507C.

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