High Speed Gear Core Plate Carrier: Cummerbund Ready

Plate carriers have more pieces than you might realize, and if you have a Core Side Plate Carrier, there's a cummerbund to go with it.

High Speed Gear Special Missions Pouch

The High Speed Gear Special Missions pouch is a highly versatile specialty pouch that can be used in three different ways.

High Speed Gear Duty Double Rifle TACO

The HSG Duty Double holds most rifle-caliber magazines including AR-15 mag, AK-47 mags, .308 mags, radios, shotgun shell trays, flashbangs, and more

High Speed Gear Vigil EDC Gun Belt

It's vital to pair a good belt with your holster. HSG's Vigil EDC Gun Belt is rigid yet flexible for comfortable all-day IWB or OWB use.

High Speed Gear’s Multiple Tourniquet TACOs

A tourniquet can be the difference between life and death. Rapidly access your life-saving equipment with High Speed Gear TQ Pouches.

High Speed Gear Adds New ReFlex Leg Rig System

High Speed Gear's latest addition to the med pouch accessory line, the new ReFlex Leg Rig system, has been field tested by U.S. Navy Corpsmen.

High Speed Gear Releases Core Cummerbund

High Speed Gear recently announced the release of their Core Cummerbund to accessorize their Core Plate Carrier.

High Speed Gear APEX: New Rifle Slings and Sling Mounts

Rifle slings should be a part of any long gun set-up, which of course means you need sling mounts or QD attachments. Here are some options.

High Speed Gear Releases the New Navigator Tech Pouch HL

High Speed Gear's newest tech pouch is designed to hold and provide easy access to most smartphones for use with navigational apps.

Duty TACO: Moar Now Available

HSGI has released some new TACO mag pouches in their Duty TACO series: some doubles and triples, in a wide range of uniform colors and camo patterns.

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