Limited Edition Henry 25th Anniversary Rifles

Henry Repeating Arms announces limited edition 25th Anniversary rifles available now. Better grab yours before they're gone.

The Henry AR7 Survival Rifle: Hickock45

The Henry AR7: there's more to it than just the stock you see. In fact, it's an entire survival kit with a rifle aboard. Or vice versa.

Henry AR-7 — The Go Anywhere Survival Rifle

There's a lot to appreciate in the concept of a survival rifle like this one. So is the Henry AR-7 reliable? Is it accurate? Find out!

The Lever Action Axe 410: Henry’s Backyard Sorta-Plinker Kinda-Shotgun

Is Henry trying to provide something that is primarily just a blast to shoot? Meet the Henry Lever Action Axe 410.

The Long Ranger Express: Henry’s Utilitarian Lever-Action

So earlier this month, right before SHOT, two new Henry lever action rifles were announced for the Henry Repeating Arms line-up. Now, I have always had a soft spot for lever guns; I won’t deny it. There is something about them that just oozes cool. It feels like you just stepped out of a spaghetti […]

Lever Action Rifles: We’re all about lever gun love!

Many of us feel a fierce and terrible lever gun love...and everyone else is wrong. He re are a few examples we have to share with ya!

Not Your Average Mag-Fed .223: The Henry Long Ranger

While most of my .223s have evolved from the AR family tree, one hasn't. What's the appeal of a lever-action chambered for the .223? Henry has the answer.

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