Forgotten Weapons: MP7 A1 versus MP7 A2

Ian of Forgotten Weapons discusses the MP7A1 and MP7A2. Let's take a look at their various features and, of course, their history.

Review: Binary Trigger For HK Rollerlocks!

<p>Franklin Armory has made a binary trigger for H&K style roller lock firearms. Now your MP5 can be triggered both ways!</p>

Clean Your Suppressed Guns

<p>TPM Outfitters shares a cautionary tale about regularly cleaning an MP5SD.</p>

HK 416 Polymer Gen2 Stanag Magazine

This HK 416 Gen2 STANAG magazine is not a common magazine that you see here in the US. Let's look at the details up close.

A look at 9mm MP5 Magazines

The H&K MP5 is an icon around the world with a recognizable thanks to movies and video games. Lets look at the different versions of the MP5 magazine.

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