Build a better brainbucket: Bump Helmet Optimization

Tactical Bump Helmets that are designed specifically for low threat and training missions for the special operations community. Those technological updates are now available to everyone in the LE and civilian sectors. Here's how to optimize your bump helmet, whether its a budget or high-end model.

Otto Noizebarrier Micro | Snap Shots

The Otto Noizebarrier Micro is a dual-mode "active hearing" style of electronic earpro that provide ear protection without stifling situational awareness.

Review: Ops-Core AMP Communication Headset

In my professional opinion, these are the best electronic headsets that I have used so far. These take the cake in terms of innovation, design features, ease of use, sound quality, and durability.

Rock Out at The Range With Walker’s Bluetooth Hearing Protection

Hearing protection has come a long way. Now Walker's has Bluetooth muffs that cut noise while they keep you connected.

What Type Of Hearing Protection Is Best?

<p>What hearing protection do you use? Plugs, muffs, electronic or silencers? Not all hearing protection is the same. Read more to find out the difference.</p>

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