From the Palmetto Gathering: Hands-On The Taurus 2021 Lineup

We put hands on the Taurus TX22 Competition Ready, Heritage Arms Barkeep, and Taurus G3 TORO (among other things) at the Palmetto Gathering at Sawmill Training. Read up and see what we found.

410 Revolvers Suck – And I’ll Tell You Why

The insane popularity of the 410 revolver has declined sharply, but millions are likely tucked away in gun safes everywhere. So why do 410 revolvers suck

Springfield’s Hellcat OSP 9mm Wins the 2020 Best New Handgun Award

What’s so special about the Springfield Hellcat 9mm pistol? According to Springfield Armory, it's the world’s highest capacity micro-compact available.

Best Budget Handgun: Top Five of 2019

You don't need to take out a loan to pick up a reliable pistol. Here are five solid options for those on a tight budget.

The Taurus G3C – 2020’s New Ramen Noodle Gun

The new Taurus G3C is our latest in the Ramen Noodle Gun series. It's both the compact version of the G3 and an update to the G2C. Designed to fit into a concealed carry role, it packs 12 rounds of 9mm in a relatively small size and is available at an affordable price point. The whole point of Ramen Noodle guns is getting the most gun for your dollar, so let's talk numbers.

Ramen Noodle Guns — How Much is Your Life Worth?

Ramen Noodle Guns are the guns often overlooked when people go gun shopping. They are often derided due to their price but do they work?

The USFA Zip 22 – What Happened to the Revolution?

The Zip 22 promised to redefine rimfire. It did not. So what happened with this truly revolutionary design? We got our hands on one and put it to the test.

Brass Tacks: The Magnum Research Desert Eagle

The "Deagle" (Desert Eagle) is big. Very big. That is the raison d'etre of the pistol. But despite pushing .50 AE rounds, it isn't the most powerful handgun around. So what's the appeal of this behemoth?

Glock Magazines – The Market Rundown

Looking for Glock options? Look no further. Here's the run-down on Glock mags and everything you need to know before your next trip to the range.

Carry a Cheap Pistol… In Case You Have to Use It?

Do you carry an expensive handgun? What if you have to use it? It will undoubtedly be confiscated, even if the shooting is deemed justifiable. So why would you carry an pricey gun? I know why.

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