Shooting Submachine Guns and PCCs at distance

Shooting submachine guns at a distance might be difficult but it's not impossible. It's all about stance, sling control, and holdover.

22422 Drill with Travis Haley

In this drill, and in real life, we have to engage targets in their tactical priority. Ie., the most serious threat gets engaged first. Travis Haley walks us through it.

Deliberate Practice – The Draw with Travis Haley

Join Travis Haley, former Recon Marine, as he helps us improve our draw and fire times with handguns on the range. In this video, he discusses training with deliberate practice. Practice with Travis Haley Haley points out that when we go to the range, we usually practice things that we’re good at because it’s fun […]

Working the Tactical Light with Travis Haley

How do you engage a target in low-light situations? Travis Haley demonstrates 3 effective uses of WML's and handheld lights in tactical situations.

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