Best AK Mags: steel-reinforced Bulgarian jobs are on the list

What are the best AK mags? Opinions may vary, but we think these steel-reinforce Bulgarian AK47 magazines are on the list. Prob'ly right up top.

Shoot gooder: 3 ways to aim a pistol

Aiming a handgun has a lot with where you put your focus. Learn how to aim a pistol using the three methods that Shaw demonstrates in this video.

Double Feed for Training

Here's how to set up a real double feed for training so you can clear the malfunction efficiently. Next time you're at the range try it out.

How to hold a pistol: Handgun Grip

A proper pistol grip helps with recoil mitigation; this reduces recoil anticipation, thus reducing the amount of "jump" that occurs when firing.

Why You Need Better AR Followers

Old-school AR-15 magazines have a common problem that can be fixed with better AR followers. Learn how with this GunMag TV video!

5 Tips to Make Your Rifle Standing Position Better

There are a few things you can do with your rifle standing position to make you faster, more accurate, and more consistent - maybe even reduce fatigue too.

Aiming a Handgun with Bifocal, Trifocal and Progressive Lenses

If you wear bifocal, trifocal, or progressive lenses, you’ve probably experienced some frustration with lining up a decent sight picture when aiming a handgun. It can be difficult to figure out which lens to look through in order to focus. Do you want to use the near lens to focus on the sights, as in […]

How to load an AR 15 (no, seriously, this will help)

Most people think they know how to load an AR 15, but there are some ways to improve. Here's a GunMag TV video lesson about a method of properly loading an AR 15. This system will help you eliminate surprise clicks and get consistent bangs.

Stop Pinning the Trigger | Handgun Skills

Looking to shoot your good guns gooder? Here's an idea. Stop pinning the trigger - there are better ways to accomplish what you're trying to do!

Standing Position: Small Details to make your handgun shooting position better

ant to shoot faster and optimize recoil recovery? Try checking your standing position. Daniel Shaw has some tips to help you out.

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