165 – Advanced Safety | Thinking Beyond the 4 Firearm Safety Rules

There are the 4 rules of gun safety, then there's "Advanced Safety". What's that? It's maintaining the 4 rules under stress — especially that of a gunfight.

Gun Safety: The most important gun skills you can learn!

I feel comfortable making the statement that the most important firearms-related skills you can learn are gun safety skills. They aren’t high speed. They aren’t sexy and they really aren’t all that fun. What they are is important. The logical reasons behind the importance of gun safety skills are simple. The consequences of ignoring gun […]

Toys, Tools, Guns and Rules by Julie Golob

<p>Julie just released her latest book, <em>Toys, Tools, Guns and Rules</em> on Amazon. The book is available in  paperback for $9.99 and as a Kindle ebook for $7.99. In the short time it has been available the book has shot to the best seller list taking the #1 spot on Amazon in the category “Children’s Safety.”</p>

Why You Want A Modern, Drop Safe Handgun

<p>Today’s handguns are full of devices aptly called “safeties” that help the user avoid errors with the gun and that makes sense.<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>There are “thumb safeties” “grip safeties”, “trigger safeties” and “firing pin safeties” all intended to help make sure that the gun doesn’t go off when it isn’t supposed to.</p>

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