“Pistols of the Warlords” by Ian McCollum

Ian McCallum of Forgotten Weapons (aka Gun Jesus) has a new book about the handguns that Chinese warlords used. Get yer history on!

The Manurhin MR73 — News & Reviews About the Historic Revolver

In appreciation for historic firearms with exceptional design, here's a collection of articles about the Manurhin MR 73 revolver.

Forgotten Weapons on the Heat Firefight

Ever wonder what you'd get if Ian McCallum of Forgotten Weapons decided to reenact some of the best scenes from the film Heat? Here ya go.

T46: “What if the AR-10 won the M14 trials?” A 10 year AR10 project

Read about Woods' Art Gun project, the T46, based on the Brownells BRN-10A reproduction of the Dutch/Sudanese AR-10, with some parts switched out. This 10-year project was based on the concept of “What if the AR10 was a WWII/Korea/Vietnam gun in US service?”

CMMG Banshee: Boonville’s Radial Delayed Blowback PCC

The CMMG Banshee would be an excellent PCC by its merits alone, but the radial delayed blowback operating system is particularly intriguing.

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